8 Free AI Apps For iPhone (Expert tested)

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By Purbali Sarmah

AI now has a role in interfacing with everything on the internet. It’s not a piece of very new news to anyone who is actively using the internet to know that AI’s unprecedented growth and its immense potential to develop mankind is at a fast pace. 

We are now on the verge of using it in every field, including everything right from productivity, education, marketing, entertainment, and many more in the list. It would not be a fault to claim that every individual is attempting to leverage AI-driven products, services, and even search engines to make their lives more efficient in reaching their goals, whether in school, business, or any other sector of interest. 

The question that arises in my mind is, “Do you ever integrate AI to streamline your daily tasks for enhancing creativity and communication?” 

Well, since the inception of AI, I have tried to utilize it in all possible ways to enhance my work productivity and faster.

Not only have AI apps helped ease the burden on humans, but they also have created a path for innovations.   

Many industries from across the globe are spending a hefty amount of money on experimenting with AI tools and resources. This has led to the launch of various AI-powered apps compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Are you looking for AI Apps for your iOS Device to boost your Productivity or make something more appealing and creative? 

If you own an iPhone and looking for something unique that will add value to your daily life, do check out this article.

We have curated a list of some of the best free AI apps for your iPhone. This blog post is for you if you seek something unique on your iPhone that will add value to your everyday life.

How Are AI Apps Beneficial?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications are becoming increasingly popular across various industries due to their ability to automate tasks, analyze data, and provide personalized experiences. Here are some benefits of AI apps:


Benefits of AI apps Description Examples
Efficiency Automates routine and monotonous tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more complex tasks. Data collection, data entry, email responses
Data analysis Analyzes large amounts of data and provides insights for informed decision-making. Medical diagnosis, fraud detection, market research
Personalization Personalizes content, messaging, ads, recommendations, and websites to individual customers. Product recommendations, Netflix recommendations, personalized marketing campaigns
Language translation Delivers high levels of consistency, offering even small businesses the ability to reach customers in their native language. Google Translate, DeepL, Bing Translate
Predictive analysis Predicts, fights, and understands pandemics such as COVID-19. Predicting the spread of a disease, identifying new strains of a virus, developing personalized treatment plans
Smart and unique apps Helps in building smart and unique apps for different industries and establish perfect user interaction with smart apps. Self-driving cars, intelligent personal assistants, smart home devices


8 Best Free AI Apps for iPhone to Try

  • FitnessAI

Fitness AI iphone app

Who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy always? Let’s agree that we all want to look young and healthy, even in our late 50s. However, while the idea may seem appealing, carrying it out might be difficult. For people who wish to keep healthy but lack motivation, the Fitness AI app may be an ideal solution. This AI-powered software uses an intensive algorithm to drive you to meet your long-forgotten fitness objectives. It functions similarly to a mobile gym trainer, assisting you in decoding the optimal mix of reps, sets, and weights to get your ideal physique.   

The Fitness AI app’s exercises and routines are derived from an analysis of data collected from weightlifters and other health specialists. As a result, you may rely on the app’s customized strategy created specifically for you. 

Fitness AI’s simple home and gym training programs may help you tone your body, develop muscle mass, or reduce weight. Weightlifting is given specific focus in optimized gym sessions, while advanced-grade strength training techniques offer you the sensation of a gym at home. Furthermore, the customized weightlifting and cardio plan will assist you in managing your weight, body shape, and fitness in a disciplined manner.

Key Features:

  1. Fitness AI generates personalized workout routines based on the information you enter, such as your height, weight, gender, and available equipment at home or at the gym.
  2. The app uses machine-learning algorithms to optimize sets, reps, and weights for each workout based on over 5 million workouts from its database.
  3. It tracks your progress over time and provides clear insights into how it trains you. You can watch how the algorithm pushes you to new limits and message a real person in the app when you need advice.
  4. Fitness AI offers hundreds of exercises to choose from, lets you edit workouts based on available equipment, and provides alternatives.
  5. The app builds you a personalized daily weight lifting and cardio plan that pushes you to your limits at the gym and automatically optimizes weight lifting sets, reps, and weights for each exercise every time you work out.
  6. The algorithm is based on 40k weightlifters and gym goers over a 3-year period, making it one of the largest weightlifting datasets in the world.


Pros Cons
Variety of workouts to choose from Strict schedules can overwhelm some people
Progress tracking allowed Must follow the routine to see the effects
24*7 support through messages
Cardio plan available
  • Remini AI

Remini AI iphone app | wiseaiguide

Remini is an AI Photo and Video Enhancer that works wonders. Remove any blurry photographs or videos and sharpen the media file. You may use Remini to improve grainy, pixelated, damaged, low-resolution photographs and movies. The Remini also has a Photo AI Generator that turns your photographs into avatars. Although the photo enhancement option is free with ad support, the video enhancer and AI avatars require a membership. It uses artificial intelligence to improve your images and videos. Remove any fuzzy photographs or videos from the media file to make it more sharp. Remini may improve a low-resolution, grainy, damaged, pixelated, or damaged photo. 

The Photo AI Generator, which is included with the Remini software, allows you to create avatars from your photographs. Even while the photo enhancer is free with advertisements, video enhancers, and AI avatars need a membership.

Remini allows you to sharpen, contrast, and improve the quality of your photos by boosting their sharpness, contrast, and clarity. Remini fixes everything in a flash. Remini can also readily repair hazy, damaged, and ancient photographs. Isn’t it fantastic? If you have old images with flaws, you can cope with future transactions more readily.

Key Features

  1. AI can be trained automatically in a matter of minutes. You can keep continuing until you’ve captured dozens of different photographs!
  2. The application cleans up every pixel in the photo to reduce grain and noise, resulting in a beautiful, sharp image that catches every detail.
  3. The face details are accentuated, capturing the spirit of the people in an organic manner.
  4. Brings out the whole spectrum of colors in images, making them seem more vibrant and natural.
Pros Cons
Easy to use interface Subscription issues
Impressive results Unwelcome adjustments to individual’s bodies in the resulting photos
10x better results than advertised
  • Luma AI

iphone luma ai app

Luma AI will appeal to cinephiles and photographers alike. Luma, which is based on the notion of 3D rendering, employs AI technology to produce exceptionally vivid 3D reproductions of any real-world item.  Once inside the app, users must map out an item using their phone’s camera to capture it properly. While this is time-consuming, it is necessary.  The app places the items in any clip or scenario using a combination of detailed capture and photorealism. 

The objects may be put in nearly any situation because of the intricate capture mixed with photorealism. Before an item can be properly recorded, it must first be mapped out with the phone’s camera.  Luma AI takes a short period of time to process the render fully. Users may then utilize this mapped-out 3D item in any setting of their choice. Alternatively, you can publish it to the public gallery for everyone to view. You may also make your own video using your chosen keyframes, including the object. As a result, the AI software is a must-have for anybody who wants to practice shots that are difficult to achieve in real life. 

Key Features:

  1. With comprehensive photos, Luma AI can produce high-quality, lifelike 3D objects and surroundings.
  2. It allows users to publish 3D graphics on websites and social media networks.
  3. It can capture and bring game assets to life.
  4. It allows users to export their 3D models to any gaming engine effortlessly.
  5. Motion capture in Luna AI allows users to capture realistic gestures from pre-recorded films or webcam recordings.
Pros Cons
Uses AI to understand conversation flow and provide accurate responses May not have as many features as other 3D modeling software
Can generate photorealistic 3D assets and environments May not be compatible with all devices and operating systems
Creates realistic images of objects, landscapes, products, and scenes Limited user reviews available
Allows users to export 3D models to any game engine
Can be used in various industries to create 3D visuals
  • Replika

replica iphone ai app

In modern times, the thing we need most is companionship. All you need is a confidant who is there for you, listens to you, and makes you feel important. In such a scenario, Replika comes to be your savior. This AI app provides you with a virtual chatbot in the guise of that one friend of yours. The app uses AI technology to bring you a companion who is free of judgment and drama.  Replika is yet another free AI chatbot app for iPhones that is aimed at “anyone who wants a friend who is very reliable with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved.” You may choose the look of your AI companion and the type of connection you wish to have with them, such as a friend, sibling, mentor, or love partner.

Replika will provide you with a metaverse-like experience. Its ability to mimic human dialogue is so good that Replika users feel a true feeling of camaraderie, build emotional relationships and even share laughing.

Replika provides you a a private setting, where you may express your views and feelings. Furthermore, unlike when speaking with a person, you are not vulnerable to prejudiced viewpoints or prior preconceptions here. You are free to express yourself whenever you choose. 

Replika is one of the finest iPhone chat AI applications because of its smooth UI, which offers a personalized experience every time you use it. Choose a 3D avatar and let your imagination run wild when creating their appearance. Then, you may imbue them with your personality and turn them become your buddy, lover, or advisor. Feel free to communicate with your Replika friends after you’re pleased with their appearance. Tell them about your daily routine or secrets. The chatbot will assist you in reading your thoughts, tracking your mood, learning coping techniques, and improving your mental health. Your virtual pal will listen to your complaints, give pleasant ideas, and help you socialize effectively.

Replika’s clever technology answers your texts in a pleasant manner. People who are going through difficult mental times can undoubtedly benefit from this.

Key Features:

  1. Replika uses AI to understand your messaging style and emulate it.
  2. Replika lets you communicate with a virtual buddy who shares your interests and characteristics.
  3. Replika, one of the best iPhone AI conversation applications, features a user-friendly layout.
  4. You may design your own one-of-a-kind chatbot AI buddy, help it build a personality, talk about your feelings or anything else on your mind, have fun, relieve worry, and grow together.
  5. Replika was trained on a vast dataset to develop its own unique replies, and your discussions are private and confidential.


Pros Cons
24*7 active virtual companion Users can get addictive
Cool 3D avatars to choose from Limited language support
Calms anxiety and improves mental wellness
Personalize your Replica for better interactions
  • Cleo

cleo ai iphone apps

If you’ve been seeking for a useful app to help you manage your finances, your quest may have come to an end. The AI-powered Cleo app is the answer to all of your problems. Cleo can teach you smart saving, budgeting, credit development, and even fast, no-interest cash advances of up to $250 during financial hardships. All of this is packaged in a simple UI where a simple interaction with Cleo’s AI answers all your questions in seconds.   

Cleo has various unique options to help you save more money, such as auto-save, round-up, swear jar, and set & forget.  All of your money is kept safe in FDIC-insured accounts. Furthermore, the app uses Stripe in read-only mode to see your transaction history. The AI consolidates all of your accounts, summarizes your spending, and sends out monthly bill reminders.

The app allows you to develop a credit history while earning 0% interest, purchase rewards, and cash advances. Apart from that, Cleo walks you through your finances by providing a full breakdown of your earnings, expenses, and savings. Consequently, you may incorporate Cleo’s smart saving tactics into your daily routines and never look back on bad financial decisions.

Key Features:

  1. Cleo can track your spending and categorize it, giving you insights into where your money goes each month. You can also set a budget and receive encouragement to stick to it.
  2. This app can help you save money by setting savings goals and providing personalized recommendations.
  3. Cleo’s chatbot uses AI to provide personalized insights and advice on your finances. The chatbot can also be humorous and engaging, making managing your finances more fun.
  4. Cleo can analyze your spending and provide punchy highlights and insights.
  5. Cleo is available 24/7, providing users with access to financial advice and support at any time.


Pros Cons
Effective tools encourage savings Poor customer support
Monthly bill reminders Delays in transaction processing
It helps to build a credit history
Advance facility up to $250 available

  • Fotor AI Photo Editor

fotor ai iphone app

Fotor, one of the greatest AI-powered photo editing apps for iPhones, can help photography enthusiasts and casual users improve their picture editing experience. Fotor’s artificial intelligence features allow it to automatically improve and change photographs, optimizing characteristics such as brightness, contrast, and color saturation. Aside from simple upgrades, Fotor provides powerful AI filters that may turn ordinary photographs into magnificent pieces of art. As one of the top AI applications for iPhone, its simple UI combined with AI-driven suggestions makes picture editing simple, even for people with minimal editing expertise.

Fotor also has an exceptional AI picture creator. Simply provide the picture description or upload your own image, and our image generator will generate stunning artwork for you in seconds.

After entering user instructions into the generator, AI creates artwork that mimics magic-wand visuals. This application can generate pictures from text without the need for any design abilities. Fotor’s AI-powered picture generator is one of its features and functionalities. Photographs may be resized, cropped, and bordered as well.

Fotor also provides graphic design and advertising capabilities, such as the ability to generate logos, flyers, Instagram posts, and YouTube thumbnails, in addition to image editing. AI Image Generator does not require graphic design skills or understanding to produce visuals from text.

Key Features

  1. Fotor’s sticker collection has all the essential shapes and distinctive symbols for picture editing.
  2. When you use Fotor, you can simply make tales with images by adding color and light to them.
  3. We assist you in capturing the genuine beauty of HDR photography by utilizing Alignment Technology and Ghost Reduction.
  4. You can produce an attractive picture collage in minutes using Fotor’s collage creator.
Pros Cons
Variety of devices supported Cannot create images from scratch
Fotor network for inspiration, sharing, and winning prizes Does not support deep image retouching
Fast photo enhancement and decorationx`

  • Seeing AI

seeing ai iphone app

The next app on the list is a Microsoft product built specifically for people with vision impairments. Seeing AI is a game-changing smartphone app that basically identifies and analyzes the world around the user by using the smartphone’s camera with the help of AI and ML 

Seeing as AI is a very plug-and-play technology. Install the app and aim the camera at a certain piece to identify it. Since the app has several modes, there is an auditory narrator to help you navigate.  The software, as promised, is driven by AI, which recognizes and narrates the environment around the user using the phone’s camera.

This unique concept is what increases the app’s value and utility.  Surprisingly, a wide spectrum of persons battling with their vision have already benefited from this platform.

In addition to other features, the app can differentiate different colors and lighting situations. This helps in various other tasks, such as matching products, selecting clothing, etc. 

There are several modes for various uses. When scanning papers, it provides audio advice when you notice brief text. You can also scan a barcode to acquire detailed product information.

Users may utilize Seeing AI to explore unfamiliar locations by verbally describing scenes recorded in images. Tone may be formed depending on ambient light levels, colors, and handwritten inscriptions on greeting cards.

Key Features:

  1. It can complete multiple tasks, including recognizing people, objects, scenes, and text
  2. You become more independent and self-reliant with this seeing AI app.
  3. This app can read text, scan barcodes, and recognize faces. 
  4. The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver
  5. The app includes experimental features such as Scene and Handwriting recognition


Pros Cons
All-in-one free tool Excessive battery consumption
Quick processing time Bugs
Offline face recognition Age cannot be determined by face scanner
Straightforward narration of nearby objects, people, and text
High-quality OCR modes
  • Perplexity AI

perplexity iphone ai app

This tool is listed as the best-rated among our reviewed AI apps for iPhone. 

Perplexity AI is a popular chatbot-cum-search engine for the uninitiated. What distinguishes it from others is that it gives real-time sources for the information presented in its replies. This makes it more trustworthy than others. Perplexity has just released a full-featured mobile version for iOS devices.

The Perplexity AI mobile app functions in the same way as the website. The software can quickly answer queries, find information, and engage in general chats with the user. However, as previously said, source links and even related inquiries are included here. Perplexity also supports voice recognition and follow-up inquiries. 

The best thing is that the Perplexity AI app is completely free to use, making it one of the best selections for those who want to use ChatGPT on iOS.

Key features 

  1. Perplexity AI uses large language models to generate answers for complex questions in an understandable language.
  2. It can provide real-time information, making it a powerful search engine.
  3. One of the standout features of Perplexity AI is its ability to display the sources of the information it provides, enhancing transparency.
  4. Account holders can edit the sources that can be relied upon for a particular search.
  5. Perplexity AI has its unique ability to scan and analyze transcripts that can help users find specific information.


Pros Cons
Fast and comprehensive answers Difficulty in making comparisons across datasets
Accurate and reliable information Limited availability and early-stage development
Easy to use and navigate
Citations for search results
Free to use


Final Words

Is it mesmerizing to see that there are so many AI apps available in the market that can make life easier? All you need to do is put technology to work, sit back, and relax. 

The rise of AI has got only one motto, to make our lives more productive. These AI-based apps are all free to use, with some having some subscription plans alongside too. As the blog has covered, we have reviewed some of the top AI applications for iPhones that serve various purposes. Users may use and benefit from these applications for free, whether they are virtual assistants, educational software, health companions, or something else. 

Let us know which one is your best pick among all these exclusive AI apps for iPhone. We chose Perplexity to be the game-changer!

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